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 Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD

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PostSubject: Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD   Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:59 pm

In order to promote the Spencer Bell Legacy Show that takes place tomorrow, 24th April 2010 in Dallas ArtistsOnDemand organized The Spencer Bell Poetry Contest, the result of the contest is in. The honor of best Spencer Poem (according to this competition) was by Willow Raine:


Never ceasing to give a view of this world that only you could see,
for it was your canvas, to destroy or beautify, by your hand as you saw fit.
You chose the latter.
You were the sole creator.
You alone, were your pilot, but your destination was never as important as your journey.
Sketching the world in black and white with your words, painting it vibrant colors with your passion for life.
Signing your name to your masterpiece, in brilliant light, so that no matter where anyone went, they could always see that beacon.
They could always know that home, is within the heart, the spirit, the soul, not within the confines of four walls, or even, ones physical body.

For me being part of the Spencer Bell Legacy is also a matter of sharing arts so why not share all the poems not just the one that won the competition? So let's share, pls post here the poem you entered in the competition.
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PostSubject: ::How to be::   Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:03 pm

Since i started the topic i am gonna be the first one to post, hope to be able to read you all in here soon, don't be shy Smile

How to be

On a winter rainy day
Spencer crossed my way
Life is immensity
He lived his happy and free

No words could possibly
Bring him back really
But he was there truly
At that moment for me

He showed me the little things
The ones that give you wings
He taught me how to fly
I discovered the sky

Whenever I feel low
He helps me row
This bumpy old road
Stopped being a load

"Spencer was made of gold"
So I was told
I have to agree
'Cos he showed me how to be

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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD   Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:12 pm

Here is mine. I figured all of the poems would be very emotional, underlining Spencer's amazing soul and beautiful life. I could have send some like that but i thought it would be cool to have other kind of poems. Though, by doing trhat I knew i was renouncing to win! :-D

Personnally, what makes Spencer so particular to me, is the fact that he was human. He could be a pain in the ass, he could be crude, he could have doubts and he didn't try to hide that in his words.

I hope i will be able to be that honest in my own writings.

The text was written listening to KrazyGlue. When I wrote it, it was as if Spencer was next to me, urging me to write for him. It is the first time I write something from a boy point of of view, so it felt as if I was trying to put on paper a feeling Spencer had had in the past. I know it sounds crazy but it is the way it is.

I wanted to throw in something light, fun, silly and a bit dirty so here it is

Little Lady :

Lil’ Lady, in her black high heels
So cheery, and so bouncy
Lil Lady, and her high-pitched squeals
So noisy, and so fuckin’ crazy

And you flash me your playful smirk
and you tell me Come on Cowboy, let’s go downhill
And you show me a bit of your black lacies
Your playful spirit makes everythin’ so carefree

Lil’ Lady, barely 5 feet 3
No boy could ever forget her teasin’ hips
Lil’ Lady, please have some mercy
It’s gettin’ so hard in here damnit

And you lean closer to me
And you shake your head, showin’ you disagree
And you whisper in my ear, no pity for ya sweetie
Payback gleamin’ in your eyes, those two shiny, flashy devils

Lil’ Lady, will never be happy
Says she’ll never be satisfied, if she goes easy on me
Lil’ Lady, always says the blame’s on me
Shouldn’t play that damn guitar so sexily

And you show off that cleavage makin’ my breath hitch
And you keep on swayin’ in front of me, makin’ me gulp nervously
And you’re makin’ it so fuckingly hard Baby
But I’ll never deny that pleasure to you don’t worry

Lil’ Lady, doesn’t care for no ring
She’s stalkin’ my music, oh please God help me
Lil’ Lady, knows how addicted I’m to her dancin’
When she gets high and crazy on my music.

And the deal’s always the same, no touchin’ for me just keep hummin’
And she’s reaching down my spine, awfully feline, yeah keep singin’
And her boobs crashin’ on my chest make me defenceless Jeez’
She keeps her game goin’ subtely renderin’ me crazy with need

Lil’ Lady, lil’ witch never spends the night with me
Always disappears in the night, stealthily
Lil’ Lady, I wish I knew where you’re goin’
Better not be to give your lust to another body Darlin’

Lil’ Lady, will come back one of those gigs I’ll be playin’
She always did, makin’ sure I can’t get her out of my skin,
Lil’ Lady, one of those nights, you’ll come for me
And I swear this time, I’ll be fuckin’ ready to take it

Lil’ Lady
Lil’ Lady
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD   Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:04 pm

wow i think your poem is beautiful and much better written than mine but concerning me i'm not really objective, congrats for such a masterpiece cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD   

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Spencer Bell Poetry Contest on AOD
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