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 Spencer inspired Poetry

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PostSubject: Spencer inspired Poetry   Spencer inspired Poetry EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 2:02 pm

In here, feel free to post any poem, texts or scribbling related to Spencer, or his songs, his drawings....
I'll begin:

A Voice

A voice fell in my ear
And my soul forgot the fear
A voice circled my shoulder blades
And my heart emerged from the shades

A voice, that’s all
And I finally felt whole
A voice, so loud
And my mind emerged from the clouds

A voice, no more
Shook my entire world
A voice, so powerful
Made my spirit peaceful

A voice strokes my spine
And I feel alive
A voice rings clearly
And stays inside, soothingly

A voice, so much magic
Sends me drowning in the music
A voice, what else anyway
Could have ligthened the way

A voice, and the strings of a Gibson
Rebuilt the passion
A voice, and burning inside
A choice that made me alive

Little Pandora’s Box

This is not only about Spencer cause one of the verse is in fact dedicated to J. Action too. But most of it is for Spencer.
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PostSubject: Beholder   Spencer inspired Poetry EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 12:49 am

Never ceasing to give a view of this world that only you could see, for
it was your canvas,to destroy or beautify, by your hand as you saw fit.
You chose the latter.
You were the sole creator.
You alone, were your pilot, but your destination was never as important as your journey.
Sketching the world in black and white with your words, painting it vibrant colors with your passion for life.
Signing your name to your masterpiece, in brilliant light, so that no matter where anyone went, they could always see that beacon. They could always know that home, is within the heart,the spirit, the soul, not within the confines of four walls, or even, ones physical body.

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Spencer inspired Poetry
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